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Our 2024 StoryQuilt debuts with 'Black Girl Stories,' showcasing 40 original narratives from Black women and those profoundly influenced by them.

ShAre your blAck girl stories

Black women constitute a diverse collective, yet they persist as subjects of oppression and violence. Despite these obstacles, Black Women play a crucial role as stabilizing forces within their families, communities, and society at large.

Honor your voice. Honor Black Women. Submit your stories by January 1, 2024, for a chance to be featured in our StoryQuilt. Featured storytellers can join our community panel and receive a $100 Visa Gift Card

This StoryQuilt is a tribute to the resilience and radiance of melanted skinned girls and women, who persit through challenges while exuding Black Girl Magic. Share Your Black Girl Stories.


Black Girl Stories

Why is it important for Black Women to Share their stories?


Sharing the stories of Black women is important for several reasons, as it contributes to fostering understanding, resilience, and social change. Let's examine some key reasons why it is crucial for Black women to share their stories. Read more...

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