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CO-Create Bold Spaces

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The disproportinate rates of intra-community violence, community divestment, and systemic poverty that Black communities face is a reflection of racial inequities.

Black Cornerstones is looking to eradicate racial oppression through strengthening civic engagement to build power in Black communities on Chicago's South and West Sides.

Understanding Oppression is the first step to erradicate the harms that plague our neighborhoods. Join one of our Love in Action Teach-Ins to understand four ways we work collectively to radically love on Black Communities.

  • 15 Minute Teach-Ins

  • Four Ways To Practice Radically Loving On Black Communities

  • Bold Black Spaces Co-created By Local Residents

  • How to Respond To Black Trauma

  • Access Mental Health & Restorative Healing Resources

  • Safely Connecting To Community Amid a Crises

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